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Our Products

Our Products


  • Individual Current: Minimum Opening Balance N2,000.
  • Corporate bodies:Minimum Opening Balance N10,000.
  • Below is the features:

  • 1. Simple account opening process
  • 2. Cheque booklet
  • 3. SMS alert
  • 4. ATM Card
  • 5. Third Party Cheque
  • 6. Customers can get up to 60% of their account turnover as loan or overdraft
  • 7. Investment
  • Term Deposit (write up will be provided)
  • Joint Ventures (write up will be provided)

Mega Fixed Deposit Account
Features of Mega Fixed Deposit &Account”
1 High negotiable interest rate
2 Prompt booking
3 Roll-over option
4 Variable maturity period
5 SMS alert

Joint Ventures
The Bank remains opened to profitable joint venture business arrangements with both prospective and existing clients.